Rike Döpp and Julia Menthel founded Agency V in 2005. Using their varied backgrounds in distribution, design and PR this duo has developed an international Public Relations agency that delivers strategic positioning from the designer‘s perspective.


Our offices are strategically positioned to make Agency V not only part of the international fashion schedule but also vibrant local scenes and work as hubs and meeting points in Europe and Northern America.

Public Relations

Agency V utilizes a vast and versatile range of media, positioning each client individually based on brand-specific communication. We strategically identify and connect each of our clients to new markets and deeper audiences while strengthening the brand’s message within their existing community; resulting in an organic dialogue between brand and consumers.

Online Media

Online positioning and marketing includes a wide array of placements and strategy including exclusive releases, news features, product and designer features as well as generating “buzz” with online discount sales, giveaways and collaborations. With our varied networks of blogger and brand ambassadors, Agency V reaches diverse target groups for a tailor made digital strategy.

Social Media

Agency V Social Media services offer strategic digital planning, production of online content, social media activation and community engagement.
We generate strategies across all social media outlets, specializing in designing and cultivating a specific and individual brand voice that speaks directly to the consumer.

Shows and Events

Agency V works closely with each client through all phases of event planning, carefully developing each clients creative concept to deliver their message to new audiences. Agency V events engage with a powerful community of influencers and target media group.

Agency V known for hosting exclusive elaborate events with industry innovators and influencers. From shop openings and in-store celebrations to International market debuts and product launches to the runways of Paris, New York, Berlin, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm - Agency V produces powerful and lasting events for our clients.

Press Days

Press Days mark the official start of the season. Editors and stylists from the specific market are invited to visit our different showrooms. We present all our collections, introduce storyline and highlight products, plan placements for the upcoming season and socialize.