We’re always looking for interns in Stockholm. As an intern, you'll get insights in all our work areas such as showroom management and PR consulting. Research projects will always be a part of our internships, so someone who can take initiative is a must. You will be in direct contact with the industry's most important editors and publications on a daily basis. You must be able to convey both authority and warmth simultaneously. This is a truly opportune chance for you to grow your rolodex with firsthand experience and develop invaluable relationships that will help launch your career.

To apply, please send (in English):
- your CV
- time line (when can you start and how many months can you stay?)


Interest to work within Fashion PR

Basic knowledge of:

Fashion magazines, fashion websites, blogs, designers, materials, aesthetics, general communication protocols

Ability to work fast, multitask, self-motivate, solve problems


Showroom trafficking - sample lend outs to top EU publications, returns, displays. Be able to quickly identify who from where has what and when it will be back

Communicate appropriately with stylists, editors, magazines

Keep the showroom well organized, displayed nicely

PR report - collecting our placements from magazines
Our internships are unpaid opportunities.


Our next opening is May 2019